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Hooking up and getting laid in 2018 is something that is more important than ever. Let’s not get it twisted. Getting laid was important since the dawn of time. Sex is something that is as important as having a sip water every day and it is something that we as human beings need to have. Releasing that sexual energy brings us into a state of equilibrium and peace so that we can focus on things that are on the more creative side.

But in 2018, sex is something that is associated with popularity, pre-selection, something that is marketed as the No.1 thing that everyone should have. It is not just an intimate thing with a partner, it is like a badge of honor and if you are not wearing that badge, then something’s wrong with you. To make things short, sex became something much more than it actually should be. But it is not us who are making up the rules, the rules are here to stay and we are here to abide them or get shunned. Which one will you pick?

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