Forget sex contacts, magazines & check out

Hooking up and getting laid in 2018 is something that is more important than ever. Let’s not get it twisted. Getting laid was important since the dawn of time. Sex is something that is as important as having a sip water every day and it is something that we as human beings need to have. Releasing that sexual energy brings us into a state of equilibrium and peace so that we can focus on things that are on the more creative side.

But in 2018, sex is something that is associated with popularity, pre-selection, something that is marketed as the No.1 thing that everyone should have. It is not just an intimate thing with a partner, it is like a badge of honor and if you are not wearing that badge, then something’s wrong with you. To make things short, sex became something much more than it actually should be. But it is not us who are making up the rules, the rules are here to stay and we are here to abide them or get shunned. Which one will you pick?

Getting a date or hooking up requires a good social circle or awesome social skills. Most of us have only the 1st thing and even that is not all that good. The reality of the matter is that in most cases, people have two, if three good friends and a lot of lousy ones and out of those, few of them are good for a shag. So what now? Where are we going to get a partner? Clubbing is not for some, pubs and bars are loud and you need to be flamboyant to get someone’s attention let alone get them in bed? So what gives?

There are many ways to score or just get a date online. It used to be that sex contacts were placed in magazine ads on the last pages and we all used to read them and laugh our asses off as they tended to be hilarious. Now, you yourself are thinking that hey, maybe I should place an ad? What’s the worst thing that can happen?

These sex ads are okay when you want to get a hooker or a sex worker come to your door but if you really want to get a sex life or even better, a love life, maybe you should go a different route than the last page of a magazine and broaden your web of influence in a more quality way. Go online and check out some of the dating sites and get acquainted with some of them. You just might be surprised as to what you might find online. There are plenty of women who are looking for the same thing you are and they are itching to get it.

Now that you’ve decided to go the online route, it might be wise to check out the free sites first. What comes to mind is a site called It is a free site that has thousands of members who are all single and are looking to mingle. Dating sites like these are all full of ladies who are looking for all kinds of activities. This might include dating, or just getting to know each other to something more intense like sex, or just having a fuck buddy. Checking out sites like these gives you an option to actually have an OPTION. As this site claims, the ladies are all looking to hook up and if you are looking for swingers, doggers, or horny housewives, then, by all means, go to the site and see what they have to offer. You just might get surprised at how good the site is at getting you laid.

What you need to do first is register at The registration is all for free and the whole process is easy enough. This is so that the site gathers some info about you so that the matching goes more smoothly and that the ladies who are online get the best deal possible too. They are not going to hook up with a loser or a dude who is a horny dirty dog looking to dip it in and get the most of it. They are classy ladies, who just happen to love to fuck. That’s all.

If this all sounds appealing, then by all means, go to the site and set your expectations high. The site features over 100,000 members who are looking for casual fun. If you think that this might be a good way to finally connect and maybe even get laid, take the opportunity and run wild with it. You only live once and now that you are living in 2018, you better take the advantage of the technologies that we have. Finally, they are helping us get laid.