Hot Brunette

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These are first pictures of my gorgeous girlfriend Vicky Powell. She showed me her gorgeous ripe melons and unleashed her always hungry kitten. You wouldn’t believe how pink her pussy is. And her tits … like two big jugs. When she put on her red bikini outfit she really turned me on. But she didn’t let me to fuck her … she allowed me only to take pictures of her. So here you have them … 😉

Girlfriend Bored

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Here’s a lil’ something from me. It ain’t much but it’s still better than nothing …

Yesterday I seduced my horny girlfriend in some really kinky stuff. She opened her legs wide and took off her top … Luckily, I was there with my brand new camera and started taking pics. “What are you doing moron?! Are you crazy?” That was her first reaction. Lol. Who would think she will react like that? “Relax baby, it’s nothing. Everybody does that,” I relaxed her. So she had nothing against me taking some more pictures of her naked body and gorgeous tits and well … not shaved pussy. 😉

Hairy Pussy

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You might think that it’s hard to convince your wife to show her goods in front of your camera. But actually it’s not so difficult at all. All you need is boring Friday night and some right tactics.

So last Friday night I said to my honey: “We ain’t going nowhere tonight. I’m tired and I want to stay here, watch football all night long and just relax.” “But babe, you can’t do me that. I’m bored and I want to go out!” she replied. “OK, what you want to do then? Fool around?” “Weeeeeell, yes … why not?” “OK, then show me your pussy and I’ll think about it …” “Now? Here? Uhm…OK.” And well…check the gallery and find out what happened next 😉

Two In The Bed

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Last night was really splendind night for me. My day started really bad and it was really boring at work. So I was really looking forward getting home and watching game on the TV. But I got really taken aback when I got back in my apartment. When I opened the door I heard some moaning out of the bedroom. I though: “What the fuck? Is my wife fucking another guy? Can’t be.” I walked into the bedroom and there they were. My horny wife was in bed with this gorgeous black gazelle. They were playing with each other’s pussy, touching their melons and licking their clits. Soon they started sticking fingers deep in their holes and best of all … they didn’t even notice me! So I could take out my camera and took some pictures. Check it out 😉

Hairy Pussy Filled

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Looks like that my wife is horny as hell aswell! And last time even my hard rock cock couldn’t give her the satisfaction. So she decided to use big fat green cucumber – straight in her not-so-tight-anymore pussy. Amazing! And she even asked me to record it. “Honey, when I’ll play with my pussy … would you be so kind and take some pictures of it?” “Okay, I could. But why would you want something like that?” “I feel so horny and kinky today and I want to do something naughty,” she replied. So the action started 😉

Playing With Two Toys

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I caught my horny wife Linda just in the right time. When I got back home from the local bar she was lying in bed and she was just playing with her soft white pussy. “Don’t stop babe. Go on, play with your kitten like I wasn’t here,” I said to her. “OK honey. Would you take some pictures of me?” she replied. “Perhaps you could add some toys in the action?” “Sure. I just bought two dildos. In case I’d need them.” So the action started. Check it out! 😉

Horny In Bed

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Last evening when me and my wife were just going to bed I seduced her to do some kinky and nasty stuff. So she started posing in her purple lingerie, slowly touching her legs and playing with her pussy. Then she removed her bra and, believe it or not, started licking her own boobs. Yeah, my wife has so big tits that she can lick them. And luckily I was there with my camera … so now you can take a look at my kinky wife Demi!

Dressing Off After Work

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When my nympho wife got back home from work she was really tired and definately not in the mood for fooling around. But when I entered the bedroom Demi had no other chance but to undress in front of me. Without hesitation. She slowly pulled off her jacked, unbuttoned her shirt and slowly took off her pants. Then she removed her bra and let me record her gorgeous milk jugs. Amazing!

Peeping In The Bathroom

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Demi was in the bathroom getting ready for work when I entered the room with my camera. She noticed that I was recording her and asked me what the hell was I doing. I replied:”I just want to take a quick peek at your boobs. Can I?” “Sure you can,” she replied. And before I realised she showed me her gorgeous jugs – and yes, I recorded them!

Picnic With My Wife

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I took my wife, Demi, to picnic in the nature. We went really far away from everyone because I wanted her to relax and enjoy the afternoon. So we came to this remote meadow where we parked our car. And Demi decided she wanted some sunbathing. So she took off her top and exposed her gorgeous juicy boobs to the sun. And soon she took off all of her clothes and she was just lying there on the sun in her underwear. Sexy 😉