Another Masturbation

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Looks like that my wife plays with her hole a lot when I’m not home. Or maybe I just get home in perfect time – when my wife plays with her pussy. This time I caight her in the bedroom. She was lying on bed completely naked. You could see her great milk jugs and her pussy was shaved. “I just shaved it,” she told me. “I like to masturbate when I’m freshly shaved.” You can believe me that I didn’t waste any second and I started recording her hot solo sex game right away.

On The Couch

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I was really surprised when I got back home from work the other day and I found my wife on our black sofa. Almost naked. And the best part of it was that she was just masturbating. “Well, I do this only when you aren’t here,” she said. “No problem. Don’t stop. I’ll just watch you playing. Can I record you?” “Well, ok. You can. I’d love to masturbate on this video next time.” So you can really see how kinky my little slutty wife actually is.

Fucking Her From Behind

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I personally adore fucking my gorgeous wife from behind. There is nothing better that grabbing her tits while you are poundering her tight already wet pussy so hard and deep that the nympho is moaning and begging you not to stop. And I really like to record it! So last time I surprise my darling. She was watching TV when I took off her pants and play with her pussy with my tongue. I really did my best and when I felt that she wants my hard cock in her I forced her to bend over and smacked my dick deep in her. Check it out … πŸ˜‰

Striping Off

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I tricked my horny wife in some really kinky stuff this time. I found her black leather outfit in the closet. The one that she didn’t wear for ages. I asked her: “Hey darling, why don’t you try it on? Perhaps it still fits you?” She tried it on but it was too small. “It’s too small, honey. Take it off.” “OK, I will.” “But wait, let me get my camera first.” So my wife had no other option but to slowly take it off and to show me her goods πŸ˜‰

Getting It Deep

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Me and my wife record almost all of our action on tapes. So we can watch them when we’re bored and they turn on my nympho wife. So last time I set up my camera and recorded our wild bedroom fuck. It was amazing. I ate her pussy and turned her on, then she sucked my hard knob. And just when I was feeling horny she ride my cock so hard that we were both screaming and moaning in the end. I left some of my cum on her but she didn’t mind it … πŸ˜‰

Vicky In Action

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This time I took photos of Vicky’s foreplay in bed. Yes, I nailed her after her pussy rub. Lucky me …

All startedΒ  when she got back home from work already horny and turned on. I didn’t even have time to get up. She rolled me over, gave me the camera in my hand and ordered me to take pictures. Then she took off her panties and started playing with her kitten really slow. She was moaning and you could see that she was enjoying. In a few minutes she said: “Put that shit away and take off your pants. I want your hard cock in my bumm! Now!” So I had nothing else to do but to fuck the hell out of her. And this is exactly what I did πŸ˜‰

British Hardcore Sex

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I was away all weekend this time. I had to go to conference in London. Boring thing, as usual. But what my wife didn’t know was that I ordered some company in my hotel suite. A friend of mine told me about this sexy little wild thing. He said that she is absolutely amazing in bed and she wants to fuck all night long. She came in my suite already wet and horny. But I didn’t want to stick my cock inside her right away. I wanted her to play with her pussy a bit … in front of me of course. And well, since I was paying her … she had to do it. So I took out my camera and took plenty of photos of her tight pink pussy streched by her long fingers. I just hope my wife doesn’t see the pics …

Busty Brunette

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Once again Vicky wanted to show me how sexy and hot she can be in our bed. So she came in the room only in her mini skirt. Topless. I know…amazing. So I asked her: “What’s under the skirt baby? Something I can’t see?” “Well, would you like too see my pussy too?” “Sure baby. You know that I’m crazy for her. Could I play with it?” “Hehe … uhmmm … no. Just take some pictures of me playing with her.” “As you wish babe.”

Well, eventhough she didn’t allow me to fuck her I made some really nice photos. Check ’em out for sure. They are worth jerking off πŸ˜‰

Two By The Pool

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I organised pool party last weekend and I’ve invited all of my friends. Luckily, I know a lot of young horny girls who go completely crazy on parties like these. So I caught these two horny little nymphos making out by the poolhouse. And believe me, there is nothing, and I really mean it, nothing more sexy and hot than two gorgeous chicks playing with each other only in their bikinis. I took my camera out and made these fucking avesome photos!

Hot Brunette

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These are first pictures of my gorgeous girlfriend Vicky Powell. She showed me her gorgeous ripe melons and unleashed her always hungry kitten. You wouldn’t believe how pink her pussy is. And her tits … like two big jugs. When she put on her red bikini outfit she really turned me on. But she didn’t let me to fuck her … she allowed me only to take pictures of her. So here you have them … πŸ˜‰