Picnic With My Wife

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I took my wife, Demi, to picnic in the nature. We went really far away from everyone because I wanted her to relax and enjoy the afternoon. So we came to this remote meadow where we parked our car. And Demi decided she wanted some sunbathing. So she took off her top and exposed her gorgeous juicy boobs to the sun. And soon she took off all of her clothes and she was just lying there on the sun in her underwear. Sexy 😉

Demi Dressed Up

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I hardly convinced my wife, Demi, to dress up as nurse. But it was worth all of my time. When she dressed up her tight white nurse dress her breasts were just calling for freedom and I could see how tight her white ass was. So Demi really had to take the dress off. And she did that in front of me. Slowly, she was taking off part by part and she was really turning me on. I mean, who wouldn’t like to score such a gorgeous nympho like my wife is?

Dildo Pillow

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Looks like that dildo pillow that I bought my wife came handy once again. I might say that my naughty wife Nicki prefers fucking hard dildo than my cock. Like last evening. When I got home I found her playing with her pillow. She was already sucking the rock hard cock and softly rubbing her clit. And then the real action started. Already naked she climbed on the big beast and started riding it like never before. Luckily I was able to record that. So check it out!

Playing With Dildo

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Again I had to buy another dildo to my always-cock-hungry wife. It looks like that the last dildo-pillow was not enough for her and she got tired of big black dildo. So I got her this decent sized toy she picked on the internet shop. And we were both at home when it got delivered. So Nicki, my wife, wanted to try it out immediately and I had nothing else to do but to take pictures of her playing …

Wife In Black

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And what can be better than getting home really late from work and your horny wife is waiting you in bed already wet and ready to fuck? Absolutely nothing. She was lying there in bed with her black underwear on. Her breasts were filling her bra and I could see that she wants to take it off. So I grabbed my camera and took some photos of her stripping off in front of me. Then the real action started. She took off her panties and started rubbing her clit and fingering her already wet pink pussy. Nice and sexy 😉 Check it out!

My Wife Vs. Big Dildo

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Last time my wife started complaining that she is all alone at home when I’m at work. So I had to buy her something to play with. And after some thinking I bought her this pillow with big dildo attached to it. So she can feed her pussy whenever she wants. And luckily, I got back home just in the right time. She was just climbing on this huge fella and I was allowed to record it. And now you can check it out!

Ain’t I Lucky?

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Believe me or not, but I have the best wife ever! When I got back from work my wife was already waiting me on the balcony. Naked! So I kindly asked her if I could take some photos of her playing with her hairy pussy. She agreed and started playing with it and slowly touching her sexy body. By that time I had alredy put my pants off and started stoking my cock. So my horny wife had no other option but to play with her kitten first and suck my hard cock after that!

Naughty School Girl

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This time Desirae dressed up as a naughty school girl. She put on a really short mini skirt and her glasses. But we told her that her boobs are too big for a school girl and she has to take her clothes off. She did what she was told and we were more than happy that we could take pictures of her stripping off her clothes. Like we always are 😉

Striping And Sucking

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What Desirae does the best is blowjob. I believe no housewife does it better than her. So her husband is really lucky because Desirae wants to fuck every single day. And that includes sucking and stroking fat cock aswell. So check out how deep she took this cock and how courageously she swallowed in the end 😉

All In White

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Our horny little housewife put on her latest piece of sex clothing she bought. White lingerie that covers almost no part of her body. And dressed like that she called her husband and started to talk dirty things to him. And she seduced the poor guy so hard that he came home right after work and fucked his wife like never before!