Lesbo Show

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I had a party last weekend and I invited some really horny chicks I know. I just wanted some action … And you can believe me that the girls gone wild. I saw two of them going away in the bathroom, so I waited few minutes so I was sure they were naked and then I slamed the bathroom door and I was really amazed. I found both of them in the bath, doing each other’s pussy and playing with each other. I took some photos, so you can check them out … 😉

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Two Cocks At Once

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This time Sandie got fucked as she deserved. It was her birthday and we bought her two horny black studs, ready to fuck the hell out of her! When she entered her room she was really surprised, but she got ready for action really quick. She gave them blowjobs and soon they were drilling her in both of her holes. At the same time. We were in the living room and we could hear her screaming and moaning: “Oh yes yes yes! Fuck me! Harder! Don’t stop! Yeeeees!” Amazing … 😉

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Huge Cock In Faye

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Sometimes camera at the party really comes handy. So last time I was able to record how my horny friend, Steve, was fucking this amazing blonde nympho Faye. As I entered the room she was just showing him her shaved pink kitten.And right after that she was already on her knees sucking his knob. “Do you like it ‘eh?” “Don’t talk with your mouth full, bitch! Suck it!” Sometimes Steve can really talk dirty and rude. But nevermind … After he got his blowjob Faye was drilled from behind. Looks like they both like doggystyle, because Steve didn’t want to stop fucking her from behind. I would tell you more but .check the picturesand you will find out how dirty they were …

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Sexy Hanah

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You wouldn’t believe it if you’d see it. Neither did I. This gorgeous girl I ran into last weekend was absolutely amazing! I met Hanah in the local pub. I bought her some drinks and we decided to go to my place. I mentioned that I had pool by the house and we could swim a bit. Hanah was totally for it and when we got by the pool she stripped off. Yeah, she took off all the clothes. She noticed that my cock was getting harder and she asked: “Feeling horny? Let me tease you a bit more!” Then she started touching her pussy and soon she was masturbating right there, next to the pool. So I took out my camera and took as many pictures as I could.

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Naked In The Nature

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I was jogging in the park yesterday and you will not believe what I’ve seen. There was this girl lying completely naked in the middle of the park. She wasn’t sunbathing because there was no sun. Looks like that she just enjoyed showing off her gorgeous white body. I went closer and she asked me if she could help me with anything. “Hell yeah! Can I stick my prick deep in your tight kitten?” “Hehe, sorry baby. You can’t. But you can take pictures of me and then jerk off at home.” “Sure thing. Just let me get my camera.” I took my camera out of my car and made some awesome pictures of her.

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Trailer Trash Whore

Posted in Sex by reader on Dec 6th, 2016

We live in a trailer park and my wife is a complete slut. She’d do anything to get me in bed. So last time she even went sunbathing …naked! So there she was, lying naked in front of our trailer, rubbing her body with oil. So I took off my camera and asked her if I can take some pictures of her. “Sure babe. But let me spice things up a bit.” So she took her red dildo and started toying her oiled pussy as hard as she could! Sexy …

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Another Masturbation

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Looks like that my wife plays with her hole a lot when I’m not home. Or maybe I just get home in perfect time – when my wife plays with her pussy. This time I caight her in the bedroom. She was lying on bed completely naked. You could see her great milk jugs and her pussy was shaved. “I just shaved it,” she told me. “I like to masturbate when I’m freshly shaved.” You can believe me that I didn’t waste any second and I started recording her hot solo sex game right away.

On The Couch

Posted in Busty Amateurs,Housewives,Sex,UK Wives by reader on Nov 22nd, 2016

I was really surprised when I got back home from work the other day and I found my wife on our black sofa. Almost naked. And the best part of it was that she was just masturbating. “Well, I do this only when you aren’t here,” she said. “No problem. Don’t stop. I’ll just watch you playing. Can I record you?” “Well, ok. You can. I’d love to masturbate on this video next time.” So you can really see how kinky my little slutty wife actually is.

Fucking Her From Behind

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I personally adore fucking my gorgeous wife from behind. There is nothing better that grabbing her tits while you are poundering her tight already wet pussy so hard and deep that the nympho is moaning and begging you not to stop. And I really like to record it! So last time I surprise my darling. She was watching TV when I took off her pants and play with her pussy with my tongue. I really did my best and when I felt that she wants my hard cock in her I forced her to bend over and smacked my dick deep in her. Check it out … 😉

Striping Off

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I tricked my horny wife in some really kinky stuff this time. I found her black leather outfit in the closet. The one that she didn’t wear for ages. I asked her: “Hey darling, why don’t you try it on? Perhaps it still fits you?” She tried it on but it was too small. “It’s too small, honey. Take it off.” “OK, I will.” “But wait, let me get my camera first.” So my wife had no other option but to slowly take it off and to show me her goods 😉